Archive: 19/06/2009

Google to step up anti-porn efforts in China

(AP) -- Google Inc. said Friday that it was working to block pornography reaching users of its Chinese service after a mainland watchdog found the search engine turned up large numbers of links to obscene and vulgar sites.

dateJun 19, 2009 in Internet
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Growth in German children

German children are taller than 30 years ago, but the increase in height observed during the last century has become slower.

dateJun 19, 2009 in Other
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Cutting greenhouse gases could grow the economy

Over £14 ($23) billion more in products and services could be produced in Northern Ireland's economy each year if greenhouse gas producing resources were used as efficiently as they are in the rest of the UK, a research ...

dateJun 19, 2009 in Environment
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Germany bans solariums for under-18s

The German lower house of parliament on Friday passed a law banning under-18s from going to solariums because of the risks of developing skin cancer.

dateJun 19, 2009 in Cancer
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