Archive: 19/05/2008

Blood test for lung cancer may be possible

A simple blood test may be able to detect lung cancer in its earliest stages with unprecedented accuracy, according to new research to be presented at American Thoracic Society’s 2008 International Conference in Toronto ...

dateMay 19, 2008 in Cancer
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Ear infections linked to passive smoking

A new report from Perth’s Telethon Institute for Child Health Research has found a strong link between childhood ear infections and exposure to tobacco smoke. The results are published in the latest edition of the Medical ...

dateMay 19, 2008 in Health
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Turning back the clock for Schwann cells

Myelin-making Schwann cells have an ability every aging Hollywood star would envy: they can become young again. According to a study appearing in the May 19 issue of the Journal of Cell Biology, David B. Parkinson (University ...

dateMay 19, 2008 in
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