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IBM ThinkPad T43

IBM today raised the bar once again on secure business computing, unveiling its fastest performing thin-and-light notebook computer to date, the ThinkPad T43 with an available fingerprint reader. Equipped with ...

Jan 19, 2005
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Sonoma: Intel Updates Centrino Technology

Intel Corporation today unveiled its latest Intel Centrino mobile technology for notebook PCs (formerly codenamed Sonoma). The new mobile platform is packed with entertainment and business features ranging from blazing-fast grap ...

Jan 19, 2005
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Sunspot Creates a Stir; Auroras Likely

Beyond the winter chill that many of us have to contend with, there's also stormy space weather in the forecast for the week. A fast-growing sunspot group designated AR 10720 has been causing a stir as it ...

Jan 19, 2005
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First X-ray free-electron laser gets funding

Plans by the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) to build a revolutionary new synchrotron X-ray source received a major boost this year thanks to $54 million in funding provided by Congress in the fiscal 2005 budget ...

Jan 19, 2005
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X-ray movies reveal insect flight, muscle motion

Watching flies fly may not seem like high-tech science, but for researchers using the Western Hemisphere's most brilliant X-rays, located at the Advanced Photon Source at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, ...

Jan 19, 2005
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New filter promises clean water for millions

A handful of clay, yesterday’s coffee grounds and some cow manure are the simple ingredients that could bring clean drinking water to developing countries around the globe. An innovative new technology, dev ...

Jan 19, 2005
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Inkjet printers can print human cells

Made-to-measure skin and bones, which could be used to treat burn victims or patients who have suffered severe disfigurements, may soon be a reality using inkjets which can print human cells. Scientists at The University of ...

Jan 19, 2005
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Targeting the root of cancer

Cambridge Scientists develop technology that could lead to effective cancer treatments University of Cambridge scientists have developed a new technology that could potentially lead to more targeted and effective treatme ...

Jan 19, 2005
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Multilingual speech-based technology to talk about!

Paving the way for much more intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly ‘spoken dialogue technology’, DUMAS developed a multilingual speech-based system that creates new ways to communicate. DUMAS, a three-year IST-funded pro ...

Jan 19, 2005
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