Archive: 07/18/2007

A brain chemical that battles despair

Researchers have identified a gene-regulating protein in the brains of mice that triggers the animals' ability to cope with the "behavioral despair" caused by inescapable stress. They said their studies have yielded an animal ...

Jul 18, 2007
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The end of barroom brawls

The link between alcohol and aggression is well known. What’s not so clear is just why drunks get belligerent. What is it about the brain-on-alcohol that makes fighting seem like a good idea? And do all intoxicated people ...

Jul 18, 2007
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Bird sized airplane to fly like a swift

Nine Dutch Aerospace Engineering students at the Delft University of Technology, together with the Department of Experimental Zoology of Wageningen University, designed the RoboSwift.

Jul 18, 2007
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