Archive: 06/18/2007

Superconducting Turbojet

An all-electric aircraft could soon appear over the horizon thanks to high-flying scientific research published today in the Institute of Physics' journal, Superconductor Science and Technology. The new type of aircraft, curren ...

Jun 18, 2007
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Mystery of Earth's Innermost Core Solved

New studies show that iron, the principal constituent of the innermost parts of the earth’s core, becomes unusually ‘soft’ at the extreme pressures and temperatures that prevail there. The findings, now being published ...

Jun 18, 2007
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Burning fat and carbohydrate during exercise

In a paper published in The Journal of Physiology, researchers from Copenhagen shed light on fat oxidation during exercise and physical activity. Their observations suggest that fat oxidation during exercise reflects a fine ...

Jun 18, 2007
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Arctic spring comes weeks earlier than a decade ago

In the Earth’s cold and icy far north, the harsh winters are giving way to spring weeks earlier than they did just a decade ago, researchers have reported in the June 19th issue of Current Biology. The finding in the Ar ...

Jun 18, 2007
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Gannet population under threat from global warming

Researchers at the University of Leeds have warned that global warming is a major threat to the gannet, a species known for its stable populations and constant breeding success.

Jun 18, 2007
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Nanoparticle offers promise for treating glaucoma

A unique nanoparticle made in a laboratory at the University of Central Florida is proving promising as a drug delivery device for treating glaucoma, an eye disease that can cause blindness and affects millions of people ...

Jun 18, 2007
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Fish die-off in Ontario lake a mystery

So many carp have died in a lake near Toronto that local public works officials have scheduled special pickup days for dead fish.

Jun 18, 2007
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