Archive: 05/18/2010

Looking for critical behavior in graphene

( -- "One of the hopes people have for graphene is in electronic devices. It is seen as a possible replacement for silicon, due to its unique properties," Herb Fertig tells Graphe ...

May 18, 2010 feature
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Doctors have new approach to fight tumor cells

University of Miami doctors have developed a new method of catching and killing tumor cells floating through the human bloodstream they say could be a potent new weapon against most kinds of cancer within a decade.

May 18, 2010
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China Telecom to sell BlackBerry Storm

China Telecom has said it will start selling the touch-screen BlackBerry Storm this month, as it looks to capture part of the booming demand for smartphones in the world's largest mobile market.

May 18, 2010
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Ravens console each other after fights

( -- A new study investigating the behavior of ravens has found strong evidence that after conflicts bystanders appear to console and relieve the distress of victims with whom they have a relationship, ...

May 18, 2010 report
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