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Why is the helix such a popular shape?

Perhaps because they are nature's space savers Something about nature loves a helix, the ubiquitous spiral shape taken on by DNA and many other molecules found in the cells of living creatures. The shape is so useful th ...

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VLA Probes Secrets of Mysterious Magnetar

A giant flash of energy from a supermagnetic neutron star thousands of light-years from Earth may shed a whole new light on scientists' understanding of such mysterious "magnetars" and of gamma-ray bursts. ...

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Diamonds key to a sparkling listening experience

Music lovers could be in for the ultimate listening experience, thanks to a new range of speakers containing parts made of diamond, writes Marina Murphy in the Chemistry & Industry magazine. The unique properties of diamond ...

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World’s first USB to SATA bridge chip

Supporting the rapid transition to serial ATA storage, the OXU921S from Oxford Semiconductor is the world’s first bridge chip to provide transparent data transfer between a USB2.0 port and an external SATA disk drive.

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