Archive: 11/17/2009

Your own stem cells can treat heart disease

The largest national stem cell study for heart disease showed the first evidence that transplanting a potent form of adult stem cells into the heart muscle of subjects with severe angina results in less pain and an improved ...

Nov 17, 2009
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MySpace in talks to buy imeem

(AP) -- Online social hub MySpace is in talks to acquire struggling free music streaming site imeem, two people familiar with the matter said Tuesday.

Nov 17, 2009
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For fish, bigger doesn’t always mean healthier

( -- Female smallmouth bass tend to prefer bigger male mates, but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean healthier. That’s the finding of a new study in the latest issue of Physiological and Biochemical Zoology that i ...

Nov 17, 2009
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Formerly conjoined twins in stable condition

(AP) -- A team of 16 surgeons and nurses successfully concluded 25 hours of delicate surgery Tuesday to separate twin Bangladeshi girls who had been joined at their heads, sharing blood vessels and brain ...

Nov 17, 2009
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COBE Satellite Marks 20th Anniversary

( -- NASA's Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite rocketed into Earth orbit on Nov. 18, 1989, and quickly revolutionized our understanding of the early cosmos. Developed and built at Goddard ...

Nov 17, 2009
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Study looks at scientific, cultural perspectives on race

( -- A new study compares personal perceptions of race, color and ancestry of Brazilian high school students with the results of genetic ancestry tests, with the aim of investigating the tensions between cultural ...

Nov 17, 2009
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