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Why pay when you can copy for free?

New empirical research identifies successful strategies for the exploitation of television formats. Television formats such as X-Factor or Britain's Got Talent are extremely popular with audiences. Over the last decade, the ...

dateJun 17, 2009 in Other
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Brain detects happiness more quickly than sadness

Our brains get a first impression of people's overriding social signals after seeing their faces for only 100 milliseconds (0.1 seconds). Whether this impression is correct, however, is another question. Now an international ...

dateJun 17, 2009 in Neuroscience
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Unusual shape of exploded star puzzles scientists

Penn State astronomers have used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory to produce a new image of a ghostly exploded star with an unusual shape in a galaxy near the Milky Way. Astronomers think the object may be ...

dateJun 17, 2009 in Astronomy
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IRS, Treasury want cell phone tax repealed

(AP) -- Remember the last time you used a company cell phone for a quick personal call - or text or e-mail? Did you record the value of that call and pay taxes on it as income?

dateJun 17, 2009 in Telecom
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