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Ovarian cancer stem cells identified, characterized

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have identified, characterized and cloned ovarian cancer stem cells and have shown that these stem cells may be the source of ovarian cancer’s recurrence and its resistance to chemotherapy.

dateApr 17, 2008 in Cancer
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Wanted: 40,000 more health IT professionals

If the U.S. healthcare system moves toward wider adoption of advanced information technology systems to control health care costs, reduce medical errors and improve patient care, it will need at least 40,000 additional health ...

dateApr 17, 2008 in Other
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Asus Releases 8.9 Inch Eee PC 900

Amid the buzz of reaching a new milestone of 1 million Eee PCs sold in just 5 months after its launch, ASUS has provided yet another round of excitement with its release of the new Eee PC 900.

dateApr 17, 2008 in Consumer & Gadgets
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Ceramic, heal thyself

A new computer simulation has revealed a self-healing behavior in a common ceramic that may lead to development of radiation-resistant materials for nuclear power plants and waste storage.

dateApr 17, 2008 in Condensed Matter
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Locating a 'Free Choice' Brain Circuit

Your brain gets a better workout when you change your routine, say scientists at the California Institute of Technology who have pinpointed one particular circuit that activates your ability to execute a decision. This finding ...

dateApr 17, 2008 in Medical research
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Mind the gap: Indigenous lives improving, but too slowly

Ahead of this weekend’s 2020 Summit academics from The Australian National University are warning research shows significant changes need to be made to Indigenous affairs policy to ‘close the gaps’ but the “narrative ...

dateApr 17, 2008 in Other
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The Moon and the Magnetotail

Behold the full Moon. Ancient craters and frozen lava seas lie motionless under an airless sky of profound quiet. It's a slow-motion world where even a human footprint may last millions of years. Nothing ever ...

dateApr 17, 2008 in Space Exploration
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