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Networking: Human error largely to blame

What's the most grave IT security threat today? Hackers? Overly complicated corporate networks? None of the above, experts are telling United Press International's Networking column. Good, old-fashioned human error -- not ...

Apr 17, 2006
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London Tube to get cell-phone transmitters

Wireless phone transmitters will soon be installed in London's Underground system despite fears they could be used to set off a terrorist bomb.

Apr 17, 2006
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Dedicated SETI Optical Telescope Starts Work

The Planetary Society dedicated its new optical telescope Tuesday in a new dedicated effort to search for light signals from alien civilizations. Its 72-inch primary mirror is the largest of any optical telescope in the United ...

Apr 17, 2006
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Roscosmos Head Extols His Agency

Russia's unique rocket and space industry makes it possible to create a wide range of equipment serving national defense, security, socio-economic development, science and international cooperation goals, Anatoly Perminov, ...

Apr 17, 2006
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