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U-M team makes synthetic mother of pearl

It's possible to grow thin films of mother of pearl in the laboratory that are even stronger than the super-strong material that naturally lines the inside of abalone shells. The trick is to add compounds normally found in ...

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U.S. Exports Nitrogen Pollution Elsewhere

The United States is exporting nitrogen pollution beyond its borders, and some may even be reaching western Europe, according to a recent data analysis by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) ...

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New Display Options for Every Work Setting

Fujitsu Computer Systems today announced two new display options for the LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC, making it the ideal convertible for all types of work environments and lifestyles. A new indoor-outdoor wide-view ...

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How Much Can Your Mind Keep Track Of?

Cooking shows on TV usually give a Web address where you can find, read, and print out the recipe of the dish created on that day’s show. The reason is obvious: It’s too hard to just follow along with what the chef is ...

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Scientists Discover What You Are Thinking

By decoding signals coming from neurons, scientists at the California Institute of Technology have confirmed that an area of the brain known as the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (vPF) is involved in the planning stages ...

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Scientists Issue Indonesia Earthquake Warning

The stresses in the earth’s crust which have resulted from the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake have significantly increased the risk of another large earthquake in the already-devastated Indonesian island of Sumatra, according ...

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