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Paired microbes eliminate methane using sulfur pathway

Anaerobic microbes in the Earth's oceans consume 90 percent of the methane produced by methane hydrates – methane trapped in ice – preventing large amounts of methane from reaching the atmosphere. Researchers now have ...

dateJan 17, 2008 in
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Lighting up the powerful global smoking lobby

Global public health efforts to reduce smoking are at odds with the interests of the tobacco industry. According to a case study published in the online open access journal Globalization and Health, competing tobacco companies ...

dateJan 17, 2008 in Health
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New drug lets kids feel good in their skin

Maria Anichini, a 20-year-old junior at Columbia College, zipped up a fetching black lace cocktail dress with spaghetti straps to go out with friends the other night. Nothing out of the ordinary for most young women, but ...

dateJan 17, 2008 in Medications
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