Archive: 09/16/2008

Looking vs. Seeing

The superior colliculus has long been thought of as a rapid orienting center of the brain that allows the eyes and head to turn swiftly either toward or away from the sights and sounds in our environment. Now a team of scientists ...

dateSep 16, 2008 in Medical research
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Researchers seek to make standardized tests accessible

Standardized testing is an inescapable part of modern education; however, these tests often fail to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities. Vanderbilt University Learning Sciences Institute researchers Stephen ...

dateSep 16, 2008 in Other
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Prostate cancer genes behave like those in embryo

Gene activity in prostate cancer is reminiscent of that in the developing fetal prostate, providing further evidence that all cancers are not equal, Johns Hopkins researchers report. The finding could help scientists investigate ...

dateSep 16, 2008 in Cancer
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