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Evidence shows Syrian security got comms from West

(AP) — As violence began racing through Syria last year, two European contractors were putting the finishing touches on an encrypted radio system that Syrian officials intended for their security forces, according to ...

dateJul 16, 2012 in Other
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Quantum entanglement with notification

( -- German scientists have demonstrated a method of heralding entanglement between distant stationary quantum systems without destroying this particular state. The experimental set-up paves the way towards quantum ...

dateJul 16, 2012 in Quantum Physics
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Hubble sees the needle galaxy, edge-on and up close

( -- This image snapped by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope reveals an exquisitely detailed view of part of the disc of the spiral galaxy NGC 4565. This bright galaxy is one of the most famous examples of an edge-on ...

dateJul 16, 2012 in Astronomy
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Capturing the visitor experience

Researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ) School of Tourism have developed a tool to gauge the “visitor experience” to allow Australia's tourism industry to improve in quality and profitability.

dateJul 16, 2012 in Social Sciences
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