Archive: 16/05/2008

Item! Candidates are buying your vote

Mention the words “vote buying” and modern-day political villains Jack Abramoff and Tony Rezko probably come to mind, or perhaps special interest groups that donate to a politician’s campaign and expect support when ...

dateMay 16, 2008 in Other
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How Did That Chain Letter Get To My Inbox?

Everyone who has an e-mail account has probably received a forwarded chain letter promising good luck if the message is forwarded on to others--or terrible misfortune if it isn't. The sheer volume of forwarded messages such ...

dateMay 16, 2008 in Internet
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Snakes Hear in Stereo

Physicists from the University Munich in Germany and the University of Topeka, Kansas have strong new evidence that snakes can hear through their jaws. Snakes don't have outer ears, leading to the myth that they can't hear ...

dateMay 16, 2008 in General Physics
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