Archive: 03/16/2006

EPA acts on clean air interstate rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it's taken several actions to assure "timely and efficient implementation" of the Clean Air Interstate Rule.

Mar 16, 2006
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EPA wants nanotechnology studied

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded grants worth $5 billion Thursday for a study of the health and environmental effects of nanotechnology.

Mar 16, 2006
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New Satellite Data On Universe's First Trillionth Second

Scientists peering back to the oldest light in the universe have new evidence to support the concept of inflation. The concept poses the universe expanded many trillion times its size in less than a trillionth ...

Mar 16, 2006
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EPA's perchlorate goal is criticized

A panel of scientists says a proposed federal limit of 24.5 parts per billion on the toxic chemical perchlorate in drinking water is too high.

Mar 16, 2006
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Feds fail to protect U.S. sheep industry

Decades of federally subsidized predator control has failed to prevent a sheep industry decline, the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society says.

Mar 16, 2006
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PTO unveils new patent filing system

A new electronic patent application filing system to be used by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was launched Thursday by Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. Known as EFS-Web, the new system allows patent filers anywhere ...

Mar 16, 2006
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Alaskan volcano is active and oozing magma

Scientists say Alaska's Augustine Volcano has started oozing lava and is exhibiting less-explosive activity than it did earlier this year.

Mar 16, 2006
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'Relativity' Speaking

“If you want to assume something, fine. But just don’t say Einstein assumed it also.” Ralph Baierlein, a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Northern Arizona University, believes tha ...

Mar 16, 2006 feature
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EU supports research towards the construction of nanomotors

Within an initiative aimed at supporting visionary research projects, the European Union has set aside research funds for the development of biological nanomotors. An international consortium of scientists, ...

Mar 16, 2006
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Columbia University retracts three papers

Columbia University has retracted three published papers because experiments allegedly performed by a graduate student author couldn't be replicated.

Mar 16, 2006
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