Archive: 15/09/2011

Anti-doping expert warns cheating athletes

Professor David Cowan, Director of the Drug Control Center at King’s College London, has warned athletes who take prohibited performance-enhancing substances that the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be ...

dateSep 15, 2011 in Other
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It's a material world

A specialist company that span out of the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering in the 1990s is now the world’s largest company in the niche area of materials information technology.

dateSep 15, 2011 in Engineering
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Arctic ice nears record low

A new record low could soon be set for ice in the Arctic. The past five years have seen the lowest extent of sea ice since satellite measurements began in the 1970s.

dateSep 15, 2011 in Earth Sciences
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The turbulent lives of stars

The stars are boiling. The reason is the energy generated in the center of the star that wants to escape. If this does not happen quickly enough, the star starts to ‘boil’ in the outer layers causing vibrations ...

dateSep 15, 2011 in Astronomy
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