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Study asks how safe is high school football?

Football, one of the most popular sports in the United States, is also the leading cause of sports-related injuries. During the 2005-06 season, high school football players sustained more than half a million injuries nationally. ...

dateAug 15, 2007 in Health
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Male elephants get 'photo IDs' from scientists

Asian elephants don’t carry photo identification, so scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and India’s Nature Conservation Foundation are providing the service free of charge by creating a photographic archive ...

dateAug 15, 2007 in
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Brains learn better at night

If you think that the idea of a morning person or an evening person is nonsense, then postgraduate student Martin Sale and his colleagues from the University of Adelaide have news for you.

dateAug 15, 2007 in Medical research
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Ocean 'supergyre' link to climate regulator

Australian scientists have identified the missing deep ocean pathway – or ‘supergyre’ – linking the three Southern Hemisphere ocean basins in research that will help them explain more accurately how the ocean governs ...

dateAug 15, 2007 in Earth Sciences
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