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Germany lashes out at Google for privacy breach

(AP) -- Germany's consumer protection minister strongly criticized Google for a widespread privacy breach and insisted Saturday the U.S. Internet giant must cooperate better with data protection authorities.

dateMay 15, 2010 in Internet
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Men with bigger wallets have bigger waistlines

In Canada, in stark contrast with the rest of the world, wealthy men increase their likelihood of being overweight with every extra dollar they make. The new study was led by Nathalie Dumas, a graduate student at the University ...

dateMay 15, 2010 in Health
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Baby corals dance their way home

( -- Baby corals find their way home in their first days as free-swimming larvae by listening to the noise of animals on the reef and actively swimming towards it, an international team of researchers working ...

dateMay 15, 2010 in Environment
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Google grabs personal info off of Wi-Fi networks

(AP) -- Google Inc. has been vacuuming up fragments of people's online activities broadcast over public Wi-Fi networks for the past four years, a breach of Web etiquette likely to raise more privacy worries about the Internet ...

dateMay 15, 2010 in Internet
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