Archive: 04/15/2009

An Achilles' heel for Wii's popularity?

Awhile back, I had questioned the staying power of Nintendo's Wii. An almost ridiculous notion considering the eye-popping sales numbers the console continues to enjoy. Selling more than 750,000 units in ...

dateApr 15, 2009 in Consumer & Gadgets
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Army officials say war concussions overdiagnosed

(AP) -- Mild brain injuries - once considered an under-recognized problem in returning military troops - are being overdiagnosed because the government is using soft criteria instead of hard medical evidence, an Army doctor ...

dateApr 15, 2009 in Health
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PC shipments slide in 1Q, HP tops Dell in US (Update)

(AP) -- Global shipments of personal computers fell 7.1 percent in the first three months of the year, but the decline was smaller than expected and research group IDC on Wednesday said the industry could turn around by ...

dateApr 15, 2009 in Business
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