Archive: 04/15/2007

Scientists find new genes for Crohn's disease

Just a few months after their landmark article in Science magazine reporting the discovery of strong links between variations in a gene that codes for a cellular receptor involved in controlling inflammation and Crohn's disease, ...

Apr 15, 2007
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IBM, HP Look to Small Businesses

Top-tier OEMS continue to push their technology down to the smallest businesses as they try to expand the reach of their portfolios.

Apr 15, 2007
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Silicon Valley Seeks to Revamp Wireless Industry

A start-up backed by Silicon Valley's power elite hopes to convince regulators to back a business plan that could scrap many restrictions on wireless networks and help Internet service providers like Google Inc. and Yahoo ...

Apr 15, 2007
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Blame brain, not heart, for high blood pressure

The controversial idea that one cause of high blood pressure lies within the brain, and not the heart or blood vessels, has been put forward by scientists at the University of Bristol, UK, and is published this week in the ...

Apr 15, 2007
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