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Trojan-horse developers confess

An Israeli couple, Ruth and Michael Haefrati, confessed in Tel Aviv District Court Tuesday to developing the Trojan-horse spyware program.

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Scientists to develop bacteria-powered fuel cells

A diverse team of microbiologists, engineers and geochemists from the University of Southern California and Rice University are joining forces to create bacteria-powered fuel cells that could power spy drones that fit in ...

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Magnetic nanoparticles boost green chemistry

Using the unique properties of new nanometer-scale magnetic particles, researchers have for the first time separated for reuse two different catalysts from a multi-step chemical reaction done in a single vessel.

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SpaceX Plans Reusable Seven Person Capsule

SpaceX said it plans to develop a reusable capsule that could carry a crew of up to seven into low Earth orbit, making it a competitor to assume some of the tasks of NASA's space shuttle fleet after it is retired.

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New security toolbar rates e-mail senders

Internet users have a new ally in the uncertain world of e-mail, as security vendor CipherTrust this week unveiled a toolbar for e-mail clients that lets users know how trustworthy the mail they're receiving is.

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Trouble for iTunes in France?

France hopes consumers will use legal software to covert digital content into other formats by forcing companies including Apple to comply via revised digital copyright law.

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Electrons 'in limbo' seen for first time

Hrvoje Petek, University of Pittsburgh professor of physics and codirector of Pitt's Gertrude E. and John M. Petersen Institute of NanoScience and Engineering (PINSE), has published two papers in recent weeks that literally ...

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