Archive: 14/04/2008

Human vascular system in mice

Tumors use the body's blood system for their own purposes: They stimulate the growth of blood vessels that supply the tumor. Medical treatment blocks this process in order to restrain tumors. Scientists of the Joint Research ...

dateApr 14, 2008 in Medical research
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MIT to open energy resource center

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working with a German research firm to open a sustainable energy center near the college, the school announced.

dateApr 14, 2008 in Other
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Exercise may lead to faster prostate tumor growth

Prostate tumors grew more quickly in mice who exercised than in those who did not, leading to speculation that exercise may increase blood flow to tumors, according to a new study by researchers in the Duke Comprehensive ...

dateApr 14, 2008 in Cancer
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Gene-environment interaction in yeast gene expression

The nature vs. nurture debate is familiar to most people, and modern conclusions usually predict a balance between the two. A new paper published this week in the open-access journal PLoS Biology shows that there is a similar ...

dateApr 14, 2008 in
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