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The mood of the Internet

Dutch researcher Maarten de Rijke and his co-workers Gilad Mishne and Krisztian Balog have developed a new programme that can trace and explain significant changes in mood patterns on the Internet. MoodViews ...

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Nuclear puts renewable energy at risk

A new report from Dr Catherine Mitchell and Dr Bridget Woodman of Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick in the UK, examining the contribution nuclear power could make to the UK's energy 'mix', says that if ...

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Globe Talk: Robots answer to immigration?

Can robots do the dirty work most Americans don't want to do and meet some of the low-wage labor shortage facing the United States? Or better still, could robotic technology be part of the solution to the immigration conundrum ...

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Wireless World: VCs eye mobile TV, WiFi

The number of new wireless companies funded by venture capitalists is rising, indicating that a "pre-dot-com" boom level of confidence has returned to the market, experts tell United Press International's Wireless World. ...

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