Archive: 01/14/2008

Toll road privatization may result in indirect impacts

Privatizing toll roads in the U.S. may result in significant diversions of truck traffic from privatized toll roads to "free" roads, and may result in more crashes and increased costs associated with use of other roads, according ...

Jan 14, 2008
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Rice that 'Snaps, Crackles and Pops' with Protein

Scientists in the United States and India are reporting development of a high-protein variety of rice, dietary staple for half the world’s population. The study is scheduled for the Jan. 23 issue of ACS’ Journal of Agricultural an ...

Jan 14, 2008
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Researchers Discover How Lithium Works

Despite more than 30 years of widespread use of lithium to control psychiatric disorders, such as bipolar disorder, scientists have been uncertain about how this drug actually works on a molecular level.

Jan 14, 2008
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The power of bananas revealed

The thought of powering your house on banana waste may sound a little unrealistic, but, two years ago, UQ researcher, Associate Professor Bill Clarke, proved it was a possibility.

Jan 14, 2008
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