Archive: 13/11/2006

Three-dimensional polymer with unusual magnetism

Up to now it has not been possible to fabricate magnets from organic materials, like for example plastics. Recently, however, experiments at the Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Germany) in collaboration with an international ...

dateNov 13, 2006 in
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A medical micropump

Using material similar to bathtub caulk, University of Utah engineers invented a tiny, inexpensive "micropump" that could be used to move chemicals, blood or other samples through a card-sized medical laboratory known as ...

dateNov 13, 2006 in Engineering
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Lesser Flamingos Find Refuge at Kenyan Lake

Lesser flamingos are surprising scientists by flocking to one of Kenya’s smallest lakes for the first time, by the thousands. Earthwatch-supported scientist Dr. David Harper, of the University of Leicester, reports that ...

dateNov 13, 2006 in Environment
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