Archive: 11/13/2006

SimCity for real

Social policy makers and town planners will soon be able to play 'SimCity' for real using grid computing and e-Science techniques to test the consequences of their policies on a real, but anonymous, model of the UK population. ...

Nov 13, 2006
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Opposites do not attract

A study conducted at the University of California, Irvine, found that a female budgerigar prefers to mate with a male that sounds like her. Biologists Marin Moravec, Professor Nancy Burley and Professor Georg ...

Nov 13, 2006
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Three-dimensional polymer with unusual magnetism

Up to now it has not been possible to fabricate magnets from organic materials, like for example plastics. Recently, however, experiments at the Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Germany) in collaboration with an international ...

Nov 13, 2006
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A medical micropump

Using material similar to bathtub caulk, University of Utah engineers invented a tiny, inexpensive "micropump" that could be used to move chemicals, blood or other samples through a card-sized medical laboratory ...

Nov 13, 2006
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DESY's FLASH illuminates the nano-world

Using the unique soft X-ray free-electron laser FLASH at DESY in Hamburg, Germany, an international team of scientists achieved a world first by taking a high-resolution diffraction image of a non-crystalline ...

Nov 13, 2006
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