Archive: 06/13/2009

700,000 callers phone digital TV hot line

(AP) -- Nearly 700,000 calls were received by a federal hot line this week from people confused about the nationwide switch from analog to digital TV broadcasts that occurred Friday.

Jun 13, 2009
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Calif. to probe latest HIV case in porn industry

(AP) -- State health officials are looking into the latest HIV case reported in California's multibillion-dollar porn industry, fearing that reckless practices on film sets might be raising the risk of new infections.

Jun 13, 2009
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Boosting Newborns' Immune Responses

Newborn babies have immature immune systems, making them highly vulnerable to severe infections and unable to mount an effective immune response to most vaccines, thereby frustrating efforts to protect them. ...

Jun 13, 2009
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A New Way of Treating the Flu

What happens if the next big influenza mutation proves resistant to the available anti-viral drugs? This question is presenting itself right now to scientists and health officials this week at the World Health ...

Jun 13, 2009
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