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NASA Spacecraft Falling For Mars

( -- Launched in September of 2007, and propelled by any one of a trio of hyper-efficient ion engines, NASA's Dawn spacecraft passed the orbit of Mars last summer. At that time, the asteroid belt ...

dateFeb 13, 2009 in Space Exploration
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Researchers investigate bird's 'carotenoid circle of life'

( -- “What you see is what you get” often is the mantra in the highly competitive life of birds, as they use brilliant displays of color to woo females for mating. Now researchers are finding ...

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Biofuels, like politics, are local

Field work and computer simulations in Michigan and Wisconsin are helping biofuels researchers understand the basics of getting home-grown energy from the field to consumers. Preliminary results presented today suggest that ...

dateFeb 13, 2009 in Other
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Hold that tissue: Allergy help may be on the way

It isn’t beach weather in most of the United States right now, but it’s never too early to be thinking about spring and summer. Unfortunately, for people with allergies, today’s daydreams can turn into ...

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