Archive: 02/13/2005

ESA Launched Super Rocket

ESA sucessfully launched the Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s Space Port in French Guiana with three payloads onboard. The new version of Ariane 5 rocket, with upgraded twin solid boosters, is designed to lift payloads of ...

Feb 13, 2005
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New semantic web interface for smarter searches

A new semantic web interface, which will improve access to information and present search results in associated categories in one window, was launched this week. This new approach means that instead of users having to wade ...

Feb 13, 2005
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Third Warmest Year In a Row

Last year was the fourth warmest year on average for our planet since the late 1800s, according to NASA scientists. To determine if the Earth is warming or cooling, scientists look at average temperatures. To ...

Feb 13, 2005
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