Archive: 12/12/2005

Hundreds of auroras detected on Mars

Auroras similar to Earth's Northern Lights appear to be common on Mars, according to physicists at the University of California, Berkeley, who have analyzed six years' worth of data from the Mars Global Surveyor. ...

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Nanoengineered Silicon-Germanium Improves Chips

Georgia Tech scientists and engineers are pursuing the dictum that “smaller is better” to develop a new breed of highly-integrated silicon-based microchips capable of operating in ultra-sophisticated radar ...

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Statistical physics shows new approach to fighting viruses

Computer viruses pose an ongoing threat and their neutralization calls for new strategies, researchers at Tel Aviv University say. Eran Shir and colleagues propose a solution that helps an 'antivirus' program reach an at-risk ...

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Robbie the Robot works at Purdue

Purdue University scientists now have a $1 million robot system at its Math Sciences Building with the capacity to store up to 1 petabyte of data.

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Toxicology-on-a-chip tool readies for market

Recalls of popular prescription drugs are raising public concern about the general safety of new pharmaceuticals. A collaborative group of researchers says that identifying which drug candidates are toxic early ...

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