Archive: 10/12/2007

Enzyme promotes fat formation

The enzyme TPPII may contribute to obesity by stimulating the formation of fat cells, suggests a study in EMBO reports this week. The enzyme, TPPII, has previously been linked to making people feel hungry, but Jonathan Graff ...

dateOct 12, 2007 in Medical research
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Modeling pathogen responses

The search for a vaccination against HIV has been in progress since 1984, with very little success. Traditional methods used for identifying potential cellular targets can be very costly and time-consuming. The key to creating ...

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Study finds that people are programmed to love chocolate

For the first time, scientists have linked the all-too-human preference for a food — chocolate — to a specific, chemical signature that may be programmed into the metabolic system and is detectable by laboratory tests. ...

dateOct 12, 2007 in Other
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