Archive: 12/09/2007

Mathematics might save you a trip to the ER

Since the days of Hippocrates, people have known that certain illnesses come and go with the seasons. More recently, researchers have learned that these cyclic recurrences of disease, known as seasonality, are often related ...

dateSep 12, 2007 in Mathematics
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WFU professor designs atomic emission detector

Brad Jones, a professor of chemistry at Wake Forest University, is leading a team of researchers at four institutions to develop the first handheld, field instrument capable of detecting and identifying radioactive particles ...

dateSep 12, 2007 in
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China's eye on the Internet

The "Great Firewall of China," used by the government of the People's Republic of China to block users from reaching content it finds objectionable, is actually a "panopticon" that encourages self-censorship through the perception ...

dateSep 12, 2007 in Computer Sciences
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