Archive: 07/12/2006

Washington-area BioBlitz a success

A U.S. National Park Service project aimed at collecting biological specimens in the Washington area has uncovered some seldom seen wildlife.

Jul 12, 2006
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Drug testing in schools up

Higher funding and the lowering of legal constraints are encouraging more U.S. schools to test students for use of illegal drugs.

Jul 12, 2006
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Jobs making British workers sick longer

The number of British workers needing more than a week off because of preventable health problems is rising, a survey published Wednesday said.

Jul 12, 2006
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If you like fruit, you might love sweets

A U.S. study suggests people who like sweets eat more fruit than salty-snack lovers and people who love fruit eat more sweets than vegetable lovers.

Jul 12, 2006
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Chemists make superstar reaction more accessible

If a chemical reaction can enjoy superstar status, then the process known as metathesis just might qualify. The reaction, involving a swap of atom groups that has been compared to changing partners in a square dance, made ...

Jul 12, 2006
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HCL: Indian tech innovators

Calling itself "the original garage IT start-up," HCL Enterprise was started more than 30 years ago in Noida, now a boom town adjacent to the country's capital of New Delhi. With annual revenues of $3.2 billion, HCL continues ...

Jul 12, 2006
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JAMA tightens rules affecting its authors

Editors of The Journal of the American Medical Association say they will increase the disclosure requirements demanded of research writers.

Jul 12, 2006
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New concerns raised about tuna imports

A U.S. study released this week is raising new concerns about the safety of imported, canned tuna -- the most popular fish in the United States.

Jul 12, 2006
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Clearwire Corp. secures $900M

Clearwire Corporation has secured $900 million in the financing round, led by Intel Capital, the investment arm for the Intel Corporation.

Jul 12, 2006
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Study: DNA stretched winds more tightly

U.S. biochemists say they've found if the DNA molecule's helical structure is stretched, it actually winds itself more tightly.

Jul 12, 2006
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