Archive: 12/05/2008

Intense Testing Paved Phoenix Road to Mars

When NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander descends to the surface of the Red Planet on May 25, few will be watching as closely as the men and women who have spent years planning, analyzing and conducting tests to prepare for the dramatic ...

dateMay 12, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Beaver-like robots face off in annual MIT contest

Robots designed to toss pool-noodle trees into a river of ping-pong balls ruled over competitors focused on rescuing fuzzy toy beavers in this year's 2.007 contest, "Da (yes) MIT, or Save the Baby Beavers," held on Thursday, ...

dateMay 12, 2008 in Robotics
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Research shows timing improves cleft palate surgery

Research by Dr. Damir Matic, a scientist with Lawson Health Research Institute in London, Ontario is changing the way cleft palate surgeries are performed throughout North America and around the world. Matic has been conducting ...

dateMay 12, 2008 in Other
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