Archive: 04/12/2006

Venus Meets a Planet Named George

Ancient people didn't have TV or electric lights. So, when the sun went down every night, they got their entertainment by watching the sky. And it was entertaining. Without city lights to interfere, the Milky ...

Apr 12, 2006
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'Tractor beam' traps protein molecules

A paper that outlines a new method to use a beam of light to trap protein molecules and make them dance in space has earned a place in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Early Edition.

Apr 12, 2006
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North European sea fishing origins studied

The study of fish bones, once considered an esoteric branch of archaeology, is helping British scientists study the Middle Ages' fishing trade.

Apr 12, 2006
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How Odors are sensed: A complex system clarified

Yale scientists have systematically plotted the responses of the entire Drosophila (fruit fly) olfactory system, providing the first multi-dimensional map of the range of odorants sensed and the regions of ...

Apr 12, 2006
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Nanoparticles put to the test

A new research project is investigating the effects of nanoparticles at the research and development stage on people’s health and the environment. These particles, which are less than 100 nanometres in size, ...

Apr 12, 2006
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Organic nitrogen gives new clue to biodiversity

Scientists have found that organic nitrogen is more important for plant growth than previously thought and could contribute to maintaining diversity in grasslands.

Apr 12, 2006
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Historic plant type specimens to go digital

A unique collection of plant specimens that is part of The Academy of Natural Sciences' world-renowned herbarium soon will be viewable through the Internet, thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Apr 12, 2006
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High efficiency flat light source invented

Tired of fluorescent tubes? Imagine your ceiling -- or any surface -- as a giant light panel, thanks to OLED research from the University of Southern California and Princeton University.

Apr 12, 2006
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Gases in one dimension -- not your typical desk toy

Physicists at Penn State University have performed the first laboratory experiment with a system of many colliding particles whose motion never becomes chaotic. The achievement provides a deeper understanding ...

Apr 12, 2006
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Skype's $27M gamble for voice technology

Even for the technically challenged, making calls over the Internet is no longer a daunting task, and the cheap price offered by Voice over Internet Protocol providers has made VoIP a must for many long-distance ...

Apr 12, 2006
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Penguins might have outlived dinosaurs

Penguin fossils found near Christchurch, New Zealand, suggest a previously unknown genus of ancient penguins may have outlived the dinosaurs.

Apr 12, 2006
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