Archive: 04/12/2006

Lunar rocks suggest meteorite shower

New age measurements of lunar rocks returned by the Apollo space missions have revealed that a surprising number of the rocks show signs of melting about 3.9 billion years ago, suggesting that the moon โ€“ ...

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Power on the go

Mobile devices are becoming more and more intelligent โ€“ allowing users to watch movies on a mobile phone or laptop, or navigate with a PDA โ€“ but at the same time they require increasing amounts of power. To prevent the ...

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Vega: the star with comets?

The observation of the immediate vicinity of a star other than the Sun has just been carried out for the first time. A debris disc made up of hot (1300 degrees) dust grains, residues of comet evaporation and ...

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Tandberg: Be there now

For global videoconferencing company Tandberg, the company slogan of "Be there now" is more than just a motto -- it's almost a calling.

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