Archive: 01/12/2007

FDA OKs vitamin C trial for cancer

Federal approval of a clinical trial on intravenous vitamin C as a cancer treatment lends credence to alternative cancer care, U.S. researchers said.

Jan 12, 2007
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Beavers and their dams may help amphibians

The dam-building beaver may be an ally in conserving wetland habitat for declining amphibian populations, a University of Alberta study said.

Jan 12, 2007
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UConn primate lab halts research project

The University of Connecticut has halted a controversial project involving monkeys and reprimanded researchers after federal inspectors found lab violations.

Jan 12, 2007
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NASA funds instrument to probe life on Mars

A joint UC San Diego/UC Berkeley experiment to detect life on Mars that is scheduled to fly aboard the European ExoMars rover mission in 2013 will receive $750,000 in development funding from the National Aeronautics ...

Jan 12, 2007
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Mouthwash doesn't affect fillings, crowns

A daily swish of mouthwash, which can contain oils such as eucalyptol, menthol, thymol, alcohol and sorbitol, doesn't affect dental work, a U.S. study found.

Jan 12, 2007
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Northern lights research enters final frontier

An international team of scientists -- including physicists from the University of Calgary -- will begin gathering the most detailed information yet about the ever-changing northern lights, as a multi-year research project ...

Jan 12, 2007
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World's largest flower evolved from family of much tinier blooms

The plant with the world's largest flower -- typically a full meter across, with a bud the size of a basketball -- evolved from a family of plants whose blossoms are nearly all tiny, botanists write this week in the journal ...

Jan 12, 2007
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Stealth technology maintains fitness after sex

Pathogens can become superbugs without their even knowing it, research published today in Science shows. 'Stealth' plasmids - circular 'DNA parasites' of bacteria that can carry antibiotic-resistance genes - produce a prot ...

Jan 12, 2007
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