Archive: 01/12/2006

More than a mile-long core retrieved from Crater Drilling

Following three months of around-the-clock work, the Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater Deep Drilling Project successfully completed its operations, extracting more than a mile-long segment of rocks and sediments from the Earth. ...

Jan 12, 2006
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New evidence for a Dark Matter Galaxy

New evidence that VIRGOHI 21, a mysterious cloud of hydrogen in the Virgo Cluster 50 million light-years from the Earth, is a Dark Galaxy, emitting no star light, was presented today at the American Astronomical ...

Jan 12, 2006
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Motorola expands Latin America ties

Motorola said Thursday it has recently launched five digital cable systems in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Jan 12, 2006
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Polymer Nanoparticle Kills Tumors

Photodynamic therapy (PDT), which uses a light-sensitive chemical known as a photosensitizer to produce cell-killing “reactive oxygen,” has become an important option for the treatment of esophageal cancer and non-small ...

Jan 12, 2006
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Growing Supermassive Black Holes from Seeds

Astronomers announced today that they have found the first sample of intermediate-mass black holes in active galaxies - a discovery that will help in understanding the early universe. "These are local analogues ...

Jan 12, 2006
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A programme for research on millimetre scale internal combustion engines is being jointly developed by Cambridge Combustion Research Centre and the Centre for Micro-Engineering and Nanotechnology at the University ...

Jan 12, 2006
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Strike a pose with Oakley's 'eye-pod'

Looking cool without succumbing to the ever-growing iPod empire is getting easier. While many MP3 fans might swear by the performance of Apple's digital music player, some might want to listen to their tunes ...

Jan 12, 2006
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Putting pedestrian safety in the driving seat

Every year in the European Union there are over 9,000 deaths and 200,000 injured victims in road accidents in which pedestrians and cyclists collide with a car. Hoping to improve on these grim statistics, is ...

Jan 12, 2006
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