Archive: 01/12/2006

Astronomers discover fastest-spinning pulsar

A team of astronomers led by McGill University graduate student Jason Hessels has discovered the fastest-spinning neutron star, or pulsar, ever found. The 20-mile-diameter superdense pulsar, which at 716 revolutions ...

Jan 12, 2006
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Fossil Galaxy Reveals Clues to Early Universe

A tiny galaxy has given astronomers a glimpse of a time when the first bright objects in the universe formed, ending the dark ages that followed the birth of the universe.

Jan 12, 2006
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Ancient bodies found in Irish bog

Researchers in Ireland and Britain are revealing details about two 2-millennia-old bodies found in Irish peat bogs.

Jan 12, 2006
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Macworld new products and reactions

The Macworld Expo show floor buzzed with its usual annual energy Wednesday as hundreds of vendors and thousands of attendees converged to discuss new products, Apple's recently introduced hardware and upcoming technologies. ...

Jan 12, 2006
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Boeing satellites will support wireless

The trio of high-powered satellites that will be built by Boeing will support upgraded wireless service in North and South America.

Jan 12, 2006
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Sonofusion Bubbles Up

Sonofusion works, according the latest volley in the argument over the feasibility of acoustically driven nuclear fusion.

Jan 12, 2006
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Astronomers weigh 'recycled' millisecond pulsar

A team of U.S. and Australian astronomers is announcing today that they have, for the first time, precisely measured the mass of a millisecond pulsar -- a tiny, dead star spinning hundreds of times every second. ...

Jan 12, 2006
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Cosmic battle creates Milky-Way sized tunnel

A team of astronomers is announcing today that they have discovered a giant Milky Way-sized tunnel filled with high energy particles in a distant galaxy cluster. These new findings are of special interest to ...

Jan 12, 2006
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France Telecom reels, plans counterattack

France Telecom shares were battered Thursday after it announced it would miss revenue forecasts due to increased competition from Internet telephony.

Jan 12, 2006
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Digital killed the video store

The livelihood of video stores and online rentals might be numbered, now that the video-download movement is underway. The dawn of convenient video downloads of movie and television shows follows in the steps of audio music ...

Jan 12, 2006
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