Archive: 10/11/2007

MIT finds new hearing mechanism

MIT researchers have discovered a hearing mechanism that fundamentally changes the current understanding of inner ear function. This new mechanism could help explain the ear's remarkable ability to sense and discriminate ...

Oct 11, 2007
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Testing Einstein: Is Dark Energy Constant?

Nearly a decade ago, astronomers discovered the surprising existence of dark energy-a mysterious force that pushes galaxies apart and accelerates the expansion of the universe. Also known as the energy density of the vacuum, ...

Oct 11, 2007
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Methane drizzle on Saturn's moon Titan

Noted for its bizarre hydrocarbon lakes and frozen methane clouds, Saturn's largest moon, Titan, also appears to have widespread drizzles of methane, according to a team of astronomers at the University of ...

Oct 11, 2007
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Scientists Sequence Genome of Soil-Dwelling Green Alga

The genome analysis of a tiny green alga has uncovered hundreds of genes that are uniquely associated with carbon dioxide capture and generation of biomass. Among the 15,000-plus genes revealed in the study ...

Oct 11, 2007
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Stem cell nuclei are soft 'hard drives,' study finds

Biophysicists at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered that the nuclei of human stem cells are particularly soft and flexible, rather than hard, making it easier for stem cells to migrate through ...

Oct 11, 2007
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Entanglement Swapping: A New Quantum Trick

In an important step for the infant field of quantum communications, researchers from the University of Geneva in Switzerland have, for the first time, realized an “entanglement swapping” experiment with photon pairs ...

Oct 11, 2007 feature
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A Tiny Pinch from a 'Z-Ring' Helps Bacteria Cells Divide

In process that is shrouded in mystery, rod-shaped bacteria reproduce by splitting themselves in two. By applying advanced mathematics to laboratory data, a team led by Johns Hopkins researchers has solved ...

Oct 11, 2007
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