Archive: 09/11/2007

Embryonic stem cell strategy advanced with new finding

UCSF scientists are reporting what they say is a significant improvement in the technique for genetically reprogramming mouse cells to their embryonic state, a process that transforms the cells, in essence, into embryonic ...

Sep 11, 2007
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Was ability to run early man's Achilles heel?

The earliest humans almost certainly walked upright on two legs but may have struggled to run at even half the speed of modern man, new research suggests.

Sep 11, 2007
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Primate behavior explained by computer 'agents'

The complex behaviour of primates can be understood using artificially-intelligent computer ‘agents’ that mimic their actions, shows new research published in a special edition of Philosophical Transactions of the Ro ...

Sep 11, 2007
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Nice but naughty -- our addiction to chocolate

Chocolate is the most widely and frequently craved food. People readily admit to being ‘addicted to chocolate’ or willingly label themselves as ‘chocoholics’. A popular explanation for this is that chocolate contains ...

Sep 11, 2007
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