Archive: 11/08/2010

Research shows sugary drinks do not cause weight gain

New research from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, shows that sugary drinks, consumed in moderate quantities, do not promote weight gain, carbohydrate craving or adverse mood effects in overweight women when they do ...

dateAug 11, 2010 in Health
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Leave no trace of your electronic correspondence

Before e-mail, we sent letters to each other and in the business world, they were like mini-contracts. Whatever was said in those documents could be used to confirm agreements, conditions, promises made, whatever. Now ...

dateAug 11, 2010 in Internet
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New browsers aim to corral social-network explosion

It just got to be too much - the 255 Facebook friends, the four e-mail accounts, the Flickr and Picasa photo albums, the LinkedIn updates, the daily tech blogs I follow and the Twitter feed that never stops disgorging ...

dateAug 11, 2010 in Internet
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