Archive: 07/11/2008

Exotic Chameleon Spends Most of its Life as an Egg

( -- Scientists have discovered a chameleon species that spends a good two-thirds of its life inside an egg: Furcifer labordi lives about 8-9 months as an embryo, and has a post-hatching lifesp ...

Jul 11, 2008 feature
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'Fuel for thought' on transport sector challenges

The report: Fuel for thought – The future of transport fuels: challenges and opportunities addresses two serious issues – the need to dramatically reduce the transport sector's greenhouse gas emissions ...

Jul 11, 2008
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Sounding out heart problems automatically

Sounding the chest with a cold stethoscope is probably one of the most commonly used diagnostics in the medical room after peering down the back of the throat while the patient says, "Aaaah". But, research published in the ...

Jul 11, 2008
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Research identifies brain cells related to fear

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that in any given year, about 40 million adults (18 or older) will suffer from some form of anxiety disorder, including debilitating conditions such as phobias, panic dis ...

Jul 11, 2008
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