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UN sketches countries with climate risk profile

Disasters caused by climate change will inflict the highest losses in poor countries with weak governments that have dashed for growth and failed to shield populations which settle in exposed areas, a UN report said on Thursday.

dateJun 11, 2009 in Environment
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Senate to vote on FDA power to regulate tobacco

(AP) -- A tobacco control bill set to win Senate approval would give the federal government broad new powers to monitor and change a toxic substance that contributes to some 400,000 deaths every year.

dateJun 11, 2009 in Health
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What really prompts the dog's "guilty look"

What dog owner has not come home to a broken vase or other valuable items and a guilty-looking dog slouching around the house? By ingeniously setting up conditions where the owner was misinformed as to whether their dog had ...

dateJun 11, 2009 in Social Sciences
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FDA panel backs 3 psychiatric drugs for kids

(AP) -- Advisers to the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that three blockbuster psychiatric drugs appear safe and effective for children and adolescents, despite side effects that can increase the risk of diabetes.

dateJun 11, 2009 in Medications
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