Archive: 03/11/2006

NASA Successfully Completes Solid Rocket Motor Test

NASA's Space Shuttle Program successfully fired a full-scale, full-duration reusable solid rocket technical evaluation motor Thursday, March 9, at a Utah test facility. The two-minute static, or stationary, ...

Mar 11, 2006
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First stem cells injected into brains

A clinical trial in Oregon will explore the safety of injecting human stem cells directly into the brain to treat fatal pediatric neurodegenerative disorder.

Mar 11, 2006
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Traveling space particles reveal secrets of comets

Particles of comet dust that traveled from the far reaches of the solar system to Earth are traveling the United States, including a stop at Argonne, where scientists are studying the particles to learn more ...

Mar 11, 2006
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It Comes From Space to Solve our Energy Problems

GreenFuel Technologies Corporation, a start-up company in Cambridge Massachusetts, wants to use little green algae to cleanse the smoke from polluting smokestacks, converting it back into bio-fuels such as ...

Mar 11, 2006 feature
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Braille keyboard provides new features

Researchers have developed a new Braille computer keyboard with features that are particularly useful for transcribing scientific texts and musical scores.

Mar 11, 2006
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