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Galaxy survey reveals missing cosmic link

A team of UK and Australian astronomers today announced that it has found the missing link that directly relates modern galaxies like our own Milky Way to the Big Bang that created our Universe 14 thousand million y ...

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Feast for open source as IBM opens patent pantry

IBM has pledged open access to key innovations covered by 500 IBM software patents to people and groups working on open source software. The pledge applies to any individual, community, or company working on or using soft ...

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Astronomers Discover Largest Stars Known

Astronomers are announcing today the identification of three red supergiants that have the largest diameters of any normal stars known (1500 times larger than the Sun), more than a billion miles across. The ...

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Warm eyes give deep-sea predators super vision

A Brisbane scientist has discovered deep-sea predators such as swordfish, tuna and sharks warm their eyes and brain to give them superior vision when hunting. Working with researchers from the US and Sweden, the ...

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Huygens sets off with correct spin and speed

On Christmas Day 2004, the Cassini spacecraft flawlessly released ESA’s Huygens probe, passing another challenging milestone for Cassini-Huygens mission. But, with no telemetry data from Huygens, how do we know the ...

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Talking to smart homes to improve quality of life

Telling your house to turn on the lights or record a TV programme may be the ultimate high-tech luxury, but for elderly and disabled people voice-operated smart homes could dramatically improve quality of life. INSPIRE has ...

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