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Obesity linked with poorer breast cancer outcomes

Breast cancer patients with a high body mass index (BMI) have a poorer cancer prognosis later in life. Specifically, their treatment effect does not last as long and their risk of death increases.

dateDec 10, 2009 in Cancer
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What's so funny about global warming?

Ian Leung has wanted to do something about global warming for almost two decades. Ever since he switched careers in 1991 from science advisor to the Ontario Ministry of Environment to pursue a career as an actor, the environment-and ...

dateDec 10, 2009 in Other
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Understanding ocean climate

High-resolution computer simulations performed by scientists at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (NOCS) are helping to understand the inflow of North Atlantic water to the Arctic Ocean and how ...

dateDec 10, 2009 in Earth Sciences
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1,700 UK scientists back climate science

(AP) -- Fighting back against climate skeptics, over 1,700 scientists in Britain have signed a statement defending the evidence that climate change is being caused by humans, Britain's weather office said Thursday.

dateDec 10, 2009 in Environment
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Researchers develop drug interface to save lives

A drug information interface system developed by two University of Alberta researchers has been shown to help in dealing with visual and motor impairments, which can make sorting, holding and indentifying pills a challenge ...

dateDec 10, 2009 in Medications
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Nobel Prizes honor a record 5 women in 2009

(AP) -- A record five women were among the 13 people awarded Nobel Prizes on Thursday, including a writer who depicted life behind the Iron Curtain and researchers who showed how chromosomes protect themselves from degrading.

dateDec 10, 2009 in Other
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