Archive: 12/10/2007

Keeping at-risk cells from developing cancer

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered that cancers arising from epigenetic changes - in this case the inappropriate activation of a normally silent gene - develop by becoming addicted to certain growth factors. Reporting ...

Dec 10, 2007
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Threatened birds may be rarer than geographic range maps suggest

Geographic range maps that allow conservationists to estimate the distribution of birds may vastly underestimate the actual population size of threatened species and those with specific habitats, according to a study published ...

Dec 10, 2007
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When she's turned on, some of her genes turn off

When a female is attracted to a male, entire suites of genes in her brain turn on and off, show biologists from The University of Texas at Austin studying swordtail fish.

Dec 10, 2007
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For the fruit fly, everything changes after sex

The females of many insect species change their behavior right after mating: mosquitoes look for a meal of fresh blood and flies begin to lay eggs. Researchers at the IMP managed to identify the molecular switches that are ...

Dec 10, 2007
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To catch a panda

Michigan State University’s panda habitat research team has spent years collecting mountains of data aimed at understanding and saving giant pandas. Now a graduate student is working to catch crucial data that’s black, ...

Dec 10, 2007
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